Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mojo Waves -

I don't usually bother checking my spam folder but last night I had the strange urge to see how many squillion pounds I could collect if I stepped on the long haul flight to London to meet a Nigerian prince who possesses a free email account coupled with poor spelling and grammar. To my surprise there actually was a submission to the blog from Finland.

Here's what the band say about themselves: "
Mojo Waves is a power-trio rock group based in Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in late 2011 but the musicians have been playing together for some years.

Mojo Waves' sound is something that you wouldn't expect to come from Finland. These days most of the Finnish rock bands play over-produced, safe and highly predictable music that lacks the attitude and the spirit of what rock music used to be in the past. Mojo Waves is the opposite of the common rock band. It's unpredictable, personal and energetic. Although influenced by vast amount of bands, its sound is unique, and its music doesn't fit in any one category.

Although the band feels some sort of spiritual connection with the rock music of the past, it doesn't try to copy its influences. The main goal of the band is to make their own personal songs that they can be proud of and play as many gigs as possible. Live music is what music has always been about, and that's what the band loves most, too. It isn't easy to describe the music of Mojo Waves, so you should listen to our demos "Introducing Mojo Waves" and "Enjoy, Don't Destroy". The demo was recorded by ourselves in the spirit of garage rock, and it gives some perspective to our music.

The members of Mojo Waves have their ambitions and goals set high, so we are always looking for something new."

The band definitely have a garage rock approach and some of the weirdest yet accessible vocals I've heard in a while. The vocal style has a smilar Donald Duck breathing out helium characteristic to Ween's "Push th' Little Daisies. This material has the energy of a toddler that has digested a box of energy drinks and is just as noisy and into the cupboards due to expirimenting. Though this is a youthful band, Mojo Waves have a mature sound. The vocals may be a weakness when it comes to releasing an albums worth of material but they work well enough on the 3-song format.


You can check the band's two demo recordings out here.

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justin said...

God Chris it's been a while since I stopped by, forgot how good your reviews are. Got the same email from this band and have been mulling over doin a review myself. The requests get thick sometimes and I'd rather just pull a record off my own shelf. These guys are pretty good and I was surprised to see that the singer was a man (at least that's the way it looked in the murky utube vid I saw). Hope things gooiung good dude, take it easy.

Chris said...

Hi Justin, Nice to see you here. Yeah, clearing up the reviews definitely takes time as I reckon it's only fair to the bands to give their material a decent listen so definitely understand the want to put one of your own records on. It also took me by suprise that the singer was male and there youthfulness really came as quite a shock.

justin said...

I agree with giving the "a decent listen". Living here in the middle of nowhere I figure I have to support the music scene somehow (buying used stuff off of ebay doesn't count).

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