Monday, July 30, 2012

Outlaws of Zen - Don't Bother Getting Up, We'll Let Ourselves In

Do you like your music with a sludgy heavy rock groove with a stoner vibe? If you answered yes then the Outlaws of Zen will be for you. The band are from, Auburn, Michigan which is the nation leading murder per capita rate, Bay City’s old boy’s network, heavy drinking, and fear of the future, and Mayberry er' Midland the land of unicorns, rainbow Kool Aid, and nothing bad can happen there. If you've seen the movie Cabin in The Woods then you'll know exactly how safe unicorns can be. For those that haven't seen that movie, just think about how an impalement would be possible.

All you really need to know about these guys is that they have a song called "Pornstache(The Ballad of Thunderlips of Johnson" which in terms of misnomer (almost) rivals the Ballad of Jerry Curlan. Need to know more? Then dear reader, read on.

"Boiling Point" enters the frame with the sound Jane's Addiction favoured in the nineties but the after three minutes the angry and more heaviness buttons are switched on to maximum.
"With The Swine" proves these guys aren't afraid to get down and dirty rolling around in Mud, Mud, Gorious Mud. At times the vocalist's gravelly tones even stretch to similarly depraved pigfuck depths as Michael Gerald of Killdozer. In comparison, "Standard Double Standard" is a little more ordinary heavy rock with a boogie blues heartbeat ticking healthily. The heavy blues swagger is maintained in "Elephant Bells" could be an out-take from Danzig's "When The Gods Kill" recorded while Glen had a congested nose from the dirty black summer. Still, it's clear that Outlaws of Zen are true followers of the mantra that heaviness is next to godliness.


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