Sunday, September 9, 2012

Las Pipas de la Paz- El Mero Basilón EP

Whatever images Mexico City conjure up in your mind, I'm willing to bet that garage rock isn't listed amongst the Catholic churches and spicy food. Even trying to name a Mexican rock band is eluding. Sure, there's the grindcore band, Brujeera but those balaclava wearing pussies aren't really Mexican. Four piece band Las Pipas de la Paz will change some of that because they play sixties style psychedelic garage rock.

A slight Doors influence comes across in some of the organ playing and especially in "Psychedelic Trek" which lives up to its title but there's no doubt that these guys know how to rock. "Dance on Fire" has a simplistic but strong drumbeat pumping blood through the song while the organ supplies a healthy psychedelic vein. It's tough to pick a favourite song here or even a weakest as they are all good. It's the cliched complain that this release is too damned short because an album's worth of songs from would Las Pipas de la Paz be great. You can hear the band themselves on either their facebook or soundcloud page which are both linked below. The video to "Psychelic Trip" is a recommended fun watch.


La Pipas de la Paz
facebook page

Small takeover on facebook


TheSpar said...

ohhh man , they are fuckin'great, from Mexico city!!!!

Anonymous said...

Their so good, any link for download their music?

Chris said...

Click on their soundcloud link and the songs can be downloaded there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man

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