Friday, September 14, 2012

Averman/Stonewall Split

(Pushed Too Far)

Splits are always weird beasts as all too often one band comes out on top. However they're never the mixed bag that compilations to often tend to be.
This split features two different sides of the punk rock coin from the state of Virginia. Averman are a pop-punk band and Stonewall whereas Stonewall drive in from more of a hardcore direction.

The Averman side is four songs of chirpy poppy cheer. The band remind me of Horace Pinker in that utimately they're fairly forgettable and have fast drums that sound way too loud. At times, it sounds like the Averman drummer would be way more comfortable in a thrash metal band which just doesn't blend with the melodic vocals. But hey, I had the same problem with Lifetime and one of the songs is entitled "B-side to a Lifetime Cover Set" which is pretty much the way their sound leans.

Stonewall are by far the stronger the band. The band play heavy energetic hardcore with a very slight metal edge. It'd be unsurprising to find out that these guys are huge Gorilla Biscuits fans. Admittedly Stonewall aren't quite up to that level of appeal and the vocals are more of the shouted variety rather than half sung. The band only serve up three songs. Thankfully both the vocals and instruments come through clearly in the mix.

The ratings are separate because the bands are so different.

Averman 1.5/5

Click to listen.

Stonewall 3/5

Click to listen.

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