Thursday, September 27, 2012

Subhumans, Wellington, Bar Bodega September 2012

Arrived at Bar Bodega in time to see Rogernomix. They're sill not my thing and the two shouters come off like kindergarten teachers who have been thrown in the deep end. One minute they're dancing around happily and the next they're yelling at all and sundry. Everyone who had schoolteachers that would send you to the back if you sat near the front doesn't need reminding which is why nobody dared to get close to this band.


Despite the fact, Dead Vicious have been around for over ten years, I'd never seen them before. They played an accessible melodic style of old school punk. A large proportion of the crowd surged forward for them.

Dead Vicious

Black Lick were up next. For some reason, I didn't enjoy them as much as I have in the past and don't really feel like typing much more about their set.

The Subhumans
played their fast intelligent songs fast. They played a number of songs from "The Day The Country Died" but sadly didn't play "Mickey Mouse is Dead" or "Zyklon B-Movie". The old band bounced around like the last twenty years plus hadn't happened.


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