Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hosoi Bros - Snorlokk 7"

Hosoi Bros are back with a vengeance with two songs committed to 300 7 inches vinyl. Instead of doing a Peter Jackson and playing around with a big budget in a fantasy world created by some dead dude who had way too much spare time Hosoi Bros chose to invent terrifying and creepy creatures of their own that would have made Ronnie James Dio weep(with tears of joy) such as the Wine Witch and now the Snorlokk.

The title song, Snorlokk is based on super fearless fast early Maiden meets Motorhead style riffing accompanied with raw vocals coupled with shouting of the title before some super fast guitar soloing that is almost possible not to notice. Yngwie Malmsteen if by any chance you're reading this, there's no way this solo would be considered guitar wanking unlike a certain somebody elses. "Amber Lamps" is equally down, dirty and raucous but not as fast. I love the cartoon cover with the image of the band, who have clearly been cursed into transforming into Sunn o))) under a crescent moon. These bros rule and need to put out a full-length soonish.

I've already posted the video to this single but I'm going to embed it because often a great video can take your attention away from the song.


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