Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sex Pest - Sexx Pest Epp

This cd-r took a while to get to me due to all of the recorded bunch being trashed due to being accidentally burnt on an oven which probably explains why the once ripped recordings up on my computer as "Virtually Dojo" by Red Shift. At least the mp3's were titled even if they were the titles of some other band's songs. The band take their name from a description of one of the main character's from the English comedy "The Inbetweeners". Lyrically a couple of the songs reflect the group's chosen handle.

Fast chaotic 80's Californian punk sums up "Give Me Fuck" though the vocals here aren't exactly melodic as the singer sounds like a sick corgi in heat puking up a pizza otherwise The Adolescents are the band that comes to mind. "Maybe Bloody Never" is a slower near sludgy jam with simple drumming and laidback guitar until the inserted mosh parts where the whole band go full tilt. The lack of total speed is a plus as there's a threatening dark edginess that thrashing instruments just doesn't always bring. Rock and roll is stripped to the bare bones in the garage rock of "Day Dream" although Sex Pest defiantly refuse to follow the verse chorus verse structure. However, The 13th floor elevators cover that rounds off the EP follows that standard. The talkback radio samples with a mother talking about an acid trip she found in her son's bag that begin and conclude the song were well chosen.

With only three original songs, the obvious route is to state that this recording isn't long enough and well, it just isn't long enough. It's a tough ask to give some variety in less than a handful of songs but these dudes have pulled it off. Ha! They even admit to the action in one of their songs. The cover to this CD-r is printed up better than some official releases I've received with lyrics, recording info and band members names. Not even sure if you can still get this EP or how. The Sex Pest frontman, Sam was responsible for the excellent Ratking mp3 blog which had some great NZ downloads but has disappeared and been replaced with There's a download of one of the Sex Pest's rehearsals there that preceded this outing so that may be worth a look and a listen otherwise try Sam's email address:


Here's the cover song.

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