Monday, February 18, 2013

Electric Shit - All My Troubles

  Here's another garage band from Mexico City.  These guys go by the radio unfriendly moniker of Electric Shit.  This single has a fair amount of blues rock swagger and at the beginning of "Downtown Blues", it's difficult not to think of George Thorogood though these guys are a little rawer but have a blunt punk edge due to the vocals which lend the feeling of the song being an impromptu jam rather than a number that has been rehearsed, performed in the band's practice room and in front of audiences.  The rythm section of the main song "All My Troubles" ensures that it's a toe tapping, head nodder.  "Mannish Boy" is Southern swamp blues and feels like it's the longest of the three songs as it doesn't grab by the throat in an attempt to rock the listener out.  This release by these Mexican boys is much more polished sounding than the Red Hex single.
While this single doesn't rock out, the blues influence on Electric Shit's music makes for some interesting and enjoyable listening.  I'm not to sure about the details of actually getting a copy of this release so maybe try the band's facebook page otherwise just listen on their Soundcloud page.


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