Sunday, February 17, 2013

Red Hex - Shoulda Known 7 inch

  Tacoma band, Red Hex use the Keep It Simple, Stupid approach and play garage punk the way it's meant to be.  Primitive, sloppy and loose are the adjectives that come to mind.    "Shoulda Known"  is a no-nonsense rocker that has its wicked way with the listener due to a seductively simple drumbeat and fuzzy guitar.  "Down in the Dirt" shows a pop sensibility with "Ratboy" is puked out scummy punked out brilliance with a movie snippet intro and a smidgen of surf guitar. Although the entire recording sounds like it was done on a cassette recorder placed a fair distance away from the band which means all the instruments sound a little muffled but just adds to the sloppy brilliance.  All fans of polished music will run miles from this and the real music fans will grab a beer or two and play this seven inch over and over again.  That is if they get the vinyl which is limited to 100 copies otherwise you'll need to make do with listening to them via Bandcamp


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