Monday, February 25, 2013

She Rides/Dripping Slits - Crucial Fix 7"

If you think limited 7 inch vinyl releases are the domain of douchebags, then skip this review and go read Pitchfork, douchebag. For the non-douchebags, here's another 7" platter served up from the good folks from Negative Fun records. The first band, She Rides play tight booze fuelled garage rock to swell booze too. At the start of "Grease in the Wheels", there's a touch of soul in the vocals but things get a heck a lot of rawer and more raucous after where informed, "the party never stops". "Rage Forever" is a speedy head rush that propels at full throttle although there is a tempo change at the end and as it has previously been a full rush the only option is to slow down. Dripping Slits are dirty, raw garage nicotine stained garage punk and when they sing about rock bottoming out, you just know there aren't any pretences here. This is another grimy slab of rock from Negative Fun that brings the party and swills in the mess for days while stepping on the potato chips and tripping over the bottles and cans but still partying despite being bleary eyed.   If this 7" is a contest and let's face it, split releases are, it's a damned tie.  Both bands equally bring it.   Get this 7 inch now, douchebag.


Check out this release here.

She Rides on facebook.     Dripping Slits on facebook

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