Saturday, April 6, 2013

Electric Jezus

 Throughout the world, it's widely known that Russian fudge is pretty sweet.  Russian sludge though remains a well-kept secret probably because not that many people play or maybe even like it in the former Soviet Union.   I'm guessing that the reason that both Electricjezus and Noye elected for the two man approach is more out of necessity than anything else.

I'm going to take the lazy approach and quote from the information the band sent me...."The group consist of 2 people, but a set of instruments remains classical – guitar, drums, bass. It became possible by installing single bass pickup in the neck of guitar. Also we use very thick strings for best bass sound and use two 22” rides or piece of metal for hi hat. All our lyrics on the album arein Russian.

The band’s style is very, very multifaceted, you can find here post rock, sludge metal, doom metal, power violence, black metal, hardcore, stoner and everything you want. This is partly due love for groups like Melvins, Electric Wizard, Earth, Jucifer, Today Is The Day, Sunn O))), Monarch, Flipper, Acid Bath, Scratch Acid, Burning Witch, Dystopia, Pantera, etc. We took a piece of these groups, added our surrounding reality (dirt, noise, monotony) and got our music. With this concept we played about a dozen shows in various cities including Moscow, Moscow region and St. – Petersburg.
Not long ago, we recorded a rusty, damp and dirty album titled «Mud of generations», and want to introduce it to you! It was recorded entirely on analog equipment and it fully live record, we recorded the album close to reality and it sounds exactly as we sound on live performances. During recording, we used analog equipment from different years and from different countries, old Soviet synthesizers, old piano, use ride cymbals or broken crash with pieces of metal for hi hats, old microphones.
For the integrity album we decided to insert audio from popular and not so popular horror films, these inserts reflect the character and mood of the songs, so we recommend you listen to the album  from the beginning to the end."   

The horror movie samples definitely play an important part and the lyrics being in Russian is definitely not a bad thing as the atmosphere created relies mainly on the music and samples. Reading back over the materials the band used making this music, it's a little mind blowing how good this sounds and those that feel that they need the most up-to-date expensive equipment for the best sound should hang their heads in shame. This slab of Russian sludge is pretty sweet.

Check this album out on the band's bandcamp linked below.


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