Monday, April 22, 2013

Midas Fall - Wilderness

Midas Fall -Wilderness -

 Being a sado-masochist is the only reason I can justify my  downloading of this second album by Manchester based band, Midas Fall as the promo material compared the band to Portishead, Radiohead and Oceansize . Portishead are boring and annoying with horrible female vocals. Radiohead haven't really been on my radar since they stopped being a cross between Echo and The Bunnymen and Straitjacket Fits.  The Oceansize, I received for review(and the only output of theirs I have heard) I wrote off as highly suitable as background music for coffeshops due to its inoffensive pleasantness.

All of the above comparisons do make sense in the case of Midas Fall, however they've managed to be more listenable than the bands they are clearly influenced by.  The vocals of Elizabeth Heaton are band's major strengths as they are neither too syrupy or too harsh.  An easy comparison would be Kate Bush.  

 "Wilderness" could be easily written off as another album that would be more suitable for coffee shops seeking inoffensive and unintrusive background music although there are multiple times throughout the album where both electronic sounds and guitar work attention grab although in "Fight First" the electronica is a bit much for my tastes but thankfully the song is brief.  

The fact that the band actually have a website is to be applauded in this day and age as so many bands just stick with  the bland facebook and bandcamp route.  "Wilderness" is the band's second album and it's going to interesting to see how the band develop in the future but for now, "Wilderness" is well worth venturing into.


Midas Fall's band webpage


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