Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dead Awaken - When Hope Turns Dripping Red

Here's some more death metal from another Swedish trio.  This time round though it's largely of a more generic variety, which spells boring to most reviewers and this one is no exception.    The vocals are the belched out cookie monster variety and the drum beats are slow.   "Rocket Symphony" and has a standard rock beat which betrays the song's title.  If this what a Swedish rocket sounds like then their sports cars must be of the silent variety. There is a lot of promise in "Deutches Afrika Corpse" with its brutal blistering  riff salad intro and the song holds together well although unfortunately the drum sound lacks any major punch.  "Mudhell"  is an interesting beast as it starts out deathly and then has a military marching beat in the middle and only in the dying seconds does the song speed up again.

Overall, this release is strictly for fans of generic death metal.  All others will find little of interest on "Where Hope Turns Dripping Red".    It might be an idea to hide the drummer's copy of "And Justice For All" somewhere it can't be easily be found and slip in any Slayer album in the case or MP3 file.


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