Monday, May 13, 2013

Masquerader - Singular Point

 Here's another sophomore EP but this time it's from a Taiwanese thrash metal band who make no bones about being anything other than a thrash metal band.  The reference points are definitely 80's thrash and the geographical reference is definitely once again the Bay Area although "Singular Point"'s science fiction cover is more akin to Canadian's Voivod or their young devoted acolytes, Vektor.

Ian Hsiao's vocals  bring Exodus to mind especially in "Thrasher Commandos" which will take many back to a time and a place where those uniformed in high tops and denim jeans and jacket  fought weekend battles against the "glam fags".  There are a few high pitched moments but thankfully no silly falsetto screams.  The drumming is tight and furiously fast and the guitar riffs are weighty and tight despite their seemingly frenetic pace.   The guitar sound is very much in the San Francisco mold although there although there a moments that the aforementioned Canadians come to mind.

There will be some that will say that the lyric could have used a bit more work but for a band whose second language is English, I found these well written compared to a crop of other bands who sail in the same boat.  They deserve bonus points for writing about nuclear power, which is very much a current issue in their homeland of Taiwan.  The S.A.T.A.N nonsense should have been left in the eighties, although Masquerader are hardly alone in writing cliched satanic lyrics.    The overall production is slick.   Masquerader are a force to be reckoned with live and this EP backs up their live show.  All fans of eighties thrash metal should check "Singular Point out.


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