Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cvinger "Monastery of the Fallen"

Here's a black metal band from  Slovenia called Cvinger.  As English is not their native language it's difficult to tell if the band want to use the v in their name as a u as in kvlt.  There's definitely nothing commercial about Cvinger's music and it is highly likely they will have a cult following but both of these are simply due to the nature of their music.

A creepy atmosphere is created at the fore of the album on the track "Chapter 1 - Into The Depths of Arcane Sanctuary"  but the music  on "Monastery of The Fallen" is largely generic black metal although the vocals are slightly clearer than most of the genre but the guitars sound like angry bumblebees and there are choral parts that would make the Mormon Tabernacle Choir proud.    Simply having a song entitled "Blaspherion" makes it apparent that Cvinger's blasphemy is an important ingredient in this band's  black metal.  Chants end "Among The Crucified"  and proceedings are kicked off with what sounds like a church choir.   It's nigh impossible not to wonder if a group of monks were brought in to chant on "Chapter 3: Amen" because the song does sound like it was recorded at a monastery.

Applause is deserved for the Cvinger's willingness to experiment with quieter moments however at the end of the dark night, however there's almost nothing other than location that separates Cvinger from the rest of the face painted corpse.  "Monastery of The Fallen" will still appeal to fans of generic black metal who need to be as corpse-rotting cult as humanly possible.


The album is available on CD for 10 euro and "Monastery of the Fallen" can be heard at Cvinger's bandcamp site.


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Justin said...

Love your reviews man, I like how they mix it up a bit and that the vocals aren't to much of a gurgle.

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