Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Carton - "Sunburst" EP

This EP from Vemont band Carton's comes as a nice change of pace and style from all the metal that's been gracing the pages on this blog of late.  Carton play beautifully messed up noisy pop with a garage rock approach.  There's no polish or pretense here.  The band would have fitted perfectly on 80's student radio in New Zealand between the Violent Femmes (in fairness, just the fact that they mention a "permanent record" brings the comparison) and the jangly guitar Flying Nun stuff.

There are three different guys handling vocal duties throughout "Sunburst" but it really doesn't alter the overall sound the band at all. "Better Drugs" is both harsh and melodic while carrying a bucketload of psychedelia although for some reason that is difficult to put a finger on, it brings The Senseless Things to mind.

On most of the songs, the instruments are louder than the vocals and due to Carton's raw approach, this definitely works in their favour.    There are three different guys handling vocal duties but it really doesn't alter band's overall sound very much.   If Carton were an animal, they would be a kitten getting tangled up in a ball of wool again and again because they quietly yelp, aren't clean, the hooks are definitely there and despite being messy and a picturesque quality can be found despite the mess.


Check the ep out on their bandcamp site.

Carton on facebook

The Small Takeover on facebook

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