Monday, August 19, 2013

Destroyers of All - "Into The Fire"

If you were wondering if Portuguese thrash metal exists, it does and here's the proof.  On this six song release, Destroyers of All play some tight thrash with death metal overtones.  There are traditional metal guitar solos that border on power metal and separate this band from a tonne of others.  The band aren't all about speed or laying waste to everything for the sake of brutality.

The intro to M4 is reminiscent of a number of songs from "Master of Puppets" with that slow build up as the guitar drags the listener in for the pre-pummel.  Later in the song there is that quiet operatic metal choral style and a definite Latin guitar influence before morphing as angry thrash and then regressing to NWOBHM but a modernized version complete with click drums.  The vocals throughout the recording are largely reminiscent of Lamb of God or late period Pantera.

 Destroyers of All throwing of various snippets of metal into a blender is admirable but unfortunately doesn't always come together that well.  The band are at their best when they keep things simple.  "The Astral Projection" would have been a more enjoyable song if the furious thrash tempo hadn't slowed down at all.  

"Into The Fire" has six songs but the meat is the four songs sandwiched between the instrumentals.  The release has its moments but it's difficult to shake the feeling that this band is stretching too high with their hybridization of metallic styles.  There's only haze in crystal ball as the future of this band is uncertain.  There's also an uncertainty whether the band's chosen moniker is a nod to the New Zealand death metal band Ulcerate.  The entire release is available for your listening pleasure at the band's website which is linked below.


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