Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Impiety "The Impious Crusade"

Singapore based blackened death metallers, Impiety are back with another short release.     On this five song release, the band's blending of black metal and death metal works well and despite the frenzied pace of the songs, Impiety don't stretch themselves musically.  Other reviewers will criticize them for this but imagine the reviewer's backlash if AC/DC recorded a new album and just one song was acapella  or death metal.    Sticking with what they know and do well really works in Impiety's favour too.

Buzzsaw guitars threaten to chop off any meek listeners ears and that's probably not a bad thing  because with song titles like "Commanding Death & Destroy" and "Accelerate the Annihilation",  the Christianity hating and worship of evil in the lyrics  is blood that clearly runs  strong in the veins of this band.  There is no room here for any goodie-two shoes unless they're in more than one piece.

With only five songs, this release is really too short and the best song is a cover of "Lucifer's Legion's", which was originally from Swedish death metallers, Sorcery although Impiety have beefed up and very much stamped their own style on the tune.  Why the hell is Abba's "Super Trouper" on my promo?  I kept waiting for Impiety's version of the song but no, it's not there.  I really hope this song isn't on the actual release.  I'd link to the band's website but there's no mention of this release which means whoever takes care of it isn't on top of events.  A link to the band's facebook page will have to suffice.

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