Sunday, September 22, 2013

One God or an Other "Towers of Silence"

Seattle black metal band, A God or an Other describe their music as A God or an Other describe their music as using a vast array of influences and creating a range of sounds from lush ethereal soundscapes to crushing walls of sounds.  
    The band sound reminiscent of Ludicra and Agalloch at times due to the black metal vocals.  The post-metal element is that the band are largely instrumental and favour lengthy songs and titles.  One song is entitled, "Not an Eye Was Left Open to Weep for the Dead"  The songs themselves suffer the same fate as a few of the titles as they all tend to be overlong.  There's something here for those that like long quasi-instrumental songs but anyone with a punk rock attention span should avoid at all costs.


Don't take our word for it! Check out their bandcamp site.


justin said...

It takes a special band for me that can pull off the marathon songs...

Chris said...

I think the last band capable of it for me were Metallica and despite Death Magnetic, they haven't been capable of pulling them off on albums for thirty years.