Friday, October 4, 2013

Dripping Slits - "Krokodil Rock"

Sometimes, at any given review outlet, an album makes it way to the top of the pile simply because of what the reviewer has heard of their previous output.  Dripping Slits have previously been reviewed here earlier this year when they shared a split and we loved them then as you can see here..

This latest release "Krokodil Rock" also spat on all the thrash, death and black metal, promptly stole the bottles of corpse paint mixed them with ethanol then  raided the liquor and medicine cabinets and apologized with a wink and only a hint of a winning smile.  That particular kind of charm is a rare commodity in this day and age so it wins every time here.  Dripping Slits' music is dirty sleazy rock 'n' roll played the way it should be.  It's noisy, dirty and raw.  The fact that the band have a song entitled "Venom and Denim" may give the impression that they fall somewhere between the originators of black metal and Scandanavian punk 'n' roll but lyrics like "A wise man once said, " Rock and Roll is dead but he ain't seen what I seen" lets you know these guys pump sleazy rock through their arteries and no doubt contain in other vessels that may contain body fluids even if they usually just hold alcoholic beverages.

These cats know that blues aren't just for washing clothes as there are a few moments that the scuzz is from a southern swamp.  The final song, " Snake Oil Blues" sounds like a cross between Motley Crüe 's debut combined with Alice Cooper's best moments meeting head-on with Black Flag and then grabbing a little something off a stoner rock band.  The album "Krokodil Rock" is streamed on the band's site which is linked below.  So you really should click the link.


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