Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Promiscuity - Basic Instinct


  You might ask yourself how good can an Israeli black metal band be?  Promiscuity answer this question by ignoring it, sticking up their middle finger and simply playing a dirty blackened rock and roll.  There's the straight no-nonsense loud and heavy Motorhead approach blended with a more throwback-style of black metal in "The Beauty and the Bitch". As far as I can tell the band don't sound dated but then  And yes, the EP title, "The Beauty and the Bitch"  and album cover are all referencing the movie that cast Sharon Stone into fame.  The vocals are the gruff and gravelly which suits this style of music.  The drums are pummeled at rapid speed and the guitar and bass do more than just manage to keep up.  "Pedophile" opens with an intro which sounds like it was taken from a talk show.  The song contains some furious metallic leads that threaten to pull your ears off and sew them back on your backside.  The song absolutely rips.  Promiscuity's cover of Celtic Frost's "Into The Crypts of Ray" not only let the listener know where the band is coming from but the band manage to inject a little of their own rotten style into the tune.  "Maniac's Blues" is a change of pace with its slower tempo and doesn't aim straight for the throat but goes the serial killer route with a planned out attack.  The song even provides a short interlude of  AC-DC bluesy style swagger.

This is a great EP and one of the best examples of blackened rock and roll out there.  Beware the ice pick killer!


Click the bandcamp link below to hear the whole EP.

Promiscuity's bandcamp

Promiscuity on facebook

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