Monday, November 4, 2013

Couch Potato Sounds

It's no secret that the small takeover has a soft spot for two piece garage bands who aren't the white stripes. Here's a UK duo who go by the name of King Kool. They've solved Jon Spencer's marriage problems by marrying the sound of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with the psychobilly rock of The Cramps. Check out their video to their single, "Rocket Roll" below.

Dot Dash are no strangers to this blog as the Washington DC band have released two great power pop albums in two years and both albums contain a faster track.  On their latest album, they punked it up with a Buzzcocks style track entitled, "A Light in the Distance".

It's always been difficult not to mention the Dissociates whenever Dot Dash are discussed on this blog due to both bands sharing a post-punk style.  Here's the London post-punk or post hardcore in the song "Three Years" which features footage from their tour of the Ukraine.

This post started with a duo so I'll end it with number two.  New Zealand industrial duo, Dying of The Light made a video to the title track of their "Monolithium" EP.  The video is bleak and captures the isolation of the bottom of the world in post-apocalyptic style.  There are nods to Godflesh, as well as NZ bands such as The Skeptics and "Churn" period Shihad.  The band's EP contains a Shihad cover.  Check out the EP here  and watch the video below.

Chris Rigby, one of the members published Subcide zine years ago which I still have a couple of copies of  and now he does it in blog form, it's in the links but you can also just click here.  Presently here's an interesting recent interview with Internal Bleeding, a band that was interviewed in his first print issue.

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