Saturday, November 2, 2013

White Orange "Onawa"

 It'd be easy for (m)any regular readers of this blog to guess what White Orange sound since they have a song called  ".....And I Leave The Circus" and the fact that we reviewed them before here may help those without memory problems.    There's no denying that Kyuss and Queens of The Stone Age are likely influences but the fuzzed out feedback places it as the odd man out since it leads into "Either/Or" has more in common with alternative rockers Sonic Youth than the desert stoner rock crowd.    As comparing any band to QOTSA is pretty much useless unless an album is named ".....And I Leave The Circus" is very reminiscent of the slower material from "Rated R", which is an album that was play-listed as a soundtrack to my life for quite sometime. White Orange are keener to get lost in a seventies inspired haze of smoke and guitar.  The band don't resist the temptation to jam out for both their own and the listeners benefit.  It may not be intentional that Dustin Hill has a vocal sound akin to Josh Homme but it works although others may be shaking their fists and cursing at clone bands.  Baby, this rock grooves and the groove rocks.  Vinyl junkies needing  physical grooves in and on black disks should take note that the three songs on this EP are available  in your favourite format from the band's bandcamp site, which is linked below.


Listen to Onawa

White Orange on Facebook


justin said...

I agree with the 3.5 Chris, maybe even just a 3, that last song is impossibly too long. Damn that cover art is incredible, I'd almost buy it just for that, but $20 is a bit steep.

Chris said...

Justin, I considered posting a YouTube video of one of their songs but it turned out that they made it for the lengthiest song the EP. So I never bothered even watching it. Yeah, the vinyl is definitely overpriced and I bet with US postal prices being what they are now, most overseas orders just won't happen.

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