Thursday, February 13, 2014

Signs Preyer -"Signs Preyer"

  Too often music gets talked about as being dated when really what has changed is the writer's taste as they've grown older although some releases of yesteryear don't stand up in the present but there's bound to be someone out there that enjoys the retro feel and doesn't care that much for what's presently happening in music.  It's not just your parents, man.  It really
could happen to anyone

Italian band Signs Preyer have a sound that is set steadfastly in the nineties. The band's first track "Anger" is very Alice In Chains influenced despite starting out at a pace similar to nineties era Pantera.

There's a stoner rock vibe meets Load era Metallica to "Killer Instinct", which is understandable as Signs Preyer admit to a Corrosion of Conformity influence and 90's Metallica was definitely heavily influenced by C.O.C.   A lot of quick riffing is the highlight of "Painless Pain" which has some quick near rap which doesn't detract from the song at all.  The spoken part at the end is a moment Phil Anselmo would be proud of.

 "Dark Soul" contains a laid back vibe that would have fit on my local rock radio station when Creed, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains were on heavy rotation.  Alice In Chains were never really a grunge band and Signs Preyer channel all that was good about that band in  "Hell".   Signs Preyers weren't content to only have a self-titled album but decided a self-titled song was a necessity and it's an ode to rock 'n' roll with the vocalist sounding somewhere between Bon Scott, Layne Stayley and James Hetfield.

This album may be a mixed bag for many but it's definitely worth checking out if you were a fan of both grunge and metal during the nineties.  It'll be interesting to see which direction Signs Preyer choose to go in the future.


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