Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toxic Waltz "Decades of Pain"

  Is it even necessary to explain which genre a band who picked a moniker from an Exodus song and have an album title that isn't miles away from that of a Slayer live album?  If you're guessing that these five Bavarians are in a jazz fusion band, then you're reading the wrong blog.  It's highly possible that the title to the opening song " Intro" was chosen as a tribute to a Testament ballad.

Toxic Waltz are a throwback to the peak of eighties thrash metal.  Exodus is indeed a major influence on the bands sound and style however there are pieces of 80's Metallica and Slayer in there too.  The vocals fall somewhere between the spitting razor blades style of Steve Souza and the louder and throatier hardcore style of Gordo from Ratos De Paroa.  The riffing is tight as hell.  With two guitarist, it's the guitar sound that is in the forefront here with the drums mostly playing second fiddle despite the fact that the drummer is no slacker.  The gallop leading into "World of Hate" proves this but it's the guitar sound that provides the crunch and there's a Metallica of old style slowing and breathing before going for the throat.  "Toxic Hell" is pure Exodus but really what else would you expect?  It's an enjoyable romp although not quite as hooky as the band Toxic Waltz take their major inspiration from.  "Suicide Squad" however is catchy number that has hooks and riff in spades.  "Priest of Lies" simply thrashes.  Tight and fast.  It's difficult not to imagine the song causing utter chaos in the front row whenever it's played live.   Slayer plays a part in the serial killer ode "Obsession to Kill" with insane vocals that are a cross between Steve Souza and Scooby Doo.  If this was an 80's song, this track would be considered proto-death metal.

A weakness on "Decades of Pain" is that a few of the songs do seem a little too similar to each other.   The two closing songs, "Suicide Squad" and "Obsession to Kill" are the highlights as they veer a little from the path these Bavarians have set for themselves.
However, Toxic Waltz's thrashing is very welcoming.  I'll definitely dive in and give it another try.  Check out "Priest of Lies" on the band's facebook bandpage.


Toxic Waltz on facebook

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