Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amputated "Dissect, Molest, Ingest"

Just tip your head back slightly and say,  "Aaaaarghh". Today's treatment is going to be brutal as you, the patient have really bad teeth that are beyond fixing.  We'll just put you to sleep.  Here's some brutal death metal to listen to while we operate.

Bristol band, Amputated's album, "Dissect, Molest, Ingest" warns the listener what's in store for them with radio samples from murder reports.  If you hadn't guessed from the album cover and song this band revels in brutality.  When the song titles include "Gorging On Putrid Discharge", "Skullfuck Lobotomy" and "When Whores Meet Saws" there's no way these guys have a huge collection of Disney movies.  All Disney movies that I watched as a kid always had generic endings even if the guts of the story differed.   It may be points in Amputated favor that they don't have the same Disney quality in this regard either instead they sound like tons of other bands flying the brutal death metal flag.

The vocals sound like a zombie puking out recently ingested innards and the guitars and drums are well played with the beats varying from crunchy and slow to million mile an hour blastbeats.  The samples are fitting with the music and the production sound is clear but the major problem is it's generic brutal death metal.  By the way, if you want to keep your teeth as a souvenir, they're on the table next to your feet.

The album can be listened to and bought at the bandcamp link below.


Album on bandcamp

Amputated on Facebook

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