Friday, May 9, 2014

Septekh "Plan for World Domination

  After listening to the complaints about their EP's being too short Septekh have released their highly anticipated debut album.  It's clear from the onset that the band will get the death label from a multitude of metal reviewers due to the chosen vocal delivery. Let's just say that the death and roll label is the most fitting although the band utitlize a potpourri of metallic goodness.

The initial song "Into the Void of My Mind"  brings Asphyx to mind and the vocals throughout a very much in this style.  The tempo here is breakneck speed with guitar solos flashing back to the time of the NWOBHM.  "Saving Graces" carries a heavy dose of Iron Maiden and if you consider this to be bad then you really should make an appointment with a medical practitioner as soon as possible.  There's a primitive down and dirty feel to the two and a half minutes of "Neanderthal".

Although the vocals are mainly death growls, there are near spoken/half shouted parts in "Fuck Dollar" and "Don Asshole" which bring to mind the nutty street preacher who tries to save souls by using words.  Septekh's mission is easier to achieve as it is to rock your soul and then knock it around.  Septekh mesh sounds together that really shouldn't go together.  The best example of this is "Eyes of the Grave" which contains a couple of snippets from "Eye of the Tiger" and borrows beats and riffs from Twisted Sister's "Burn in Hell".  The title track borrows more than just it's length from Maiden and early Metallica.The song is just short of eleven minutes.  There's a lot of riffing here that comes from both bands and some of the more thrash style drumming is very much in "Kill 'Em All" vein. There's a chaotic punked-up feel whenever Septekh speed up the tempo.  
There might be complaints from afar that the album, "Plan for World Domination" is too long clocking in it at sixty minutes.  No such complaint is going to come from these quarters as every listen has seemed less than an hour as the album is enjoyable and there are still sounds from the past to be discovered within.  It's clear from the album title that Septekh are looking forward.  Let's all look forward together to hearing more from this band.


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