Saturday, May 10, 2014

Chugger "Scars"

Chugger are one of David Dahl from melodic Swedish death metal band,  Taketh's other bands.  You remember Taketh?  We reviewed them here.

Chugger are also in the melodic death vein although groove metal also chugs within their engines. The band won't be for those that run a while from melody and clean singing. The band get the toes tapping and the heads banging with "Bleed" which contains a huge groove metal underbelly.  Chugger are more about rocking out than entering into the most brutal of all contest.

 The song "In Vain" has a lot of proper melodic singing instead of just grunting.  The grunts are more present on "C.U.N.T" although at the beginning of the song they duel with clean vocals but end up winning and the band have a crunching metal sound which moves a long to a steady beat and the death vocals take proceedings to an angrier level.  There's a clean guitar sound also dueling with a far dirtier tone and there's no telling who the winner is even after the song ends.

Despite there being guitar riffs and solos that a listener will go back to for further listens, other than the cleanly sung parts most of the five songs really aren't all that catchy. By the way, are five songs on a release an album or an EP these days?  "Scars" is an enjoyable release.  It is bizarre to me that the band state on their bandcamp site that their music can be described as thrash metal as I just don't hear anything from the  thrash metal era in their sound.


Chugger's band website

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