Sunday, July 9, 2017

El Camino - Cursed Congregation

Sometimes it's a real headscratcher when it comes to describing a band and El Camino's press kit describes them as a black/thrash metal band. The only resemblance of thrash here are the vocals, which are reminiscent of Martin Walkyier of Sabbat(UK) who wouldn't sound out of place on many a black metal album. From the outset of "Cursed Congregation"Swedish metal band El Camino combine doom and gothic elements with black metal. √Źnto the Dark"doesn't race into the depths of hell ala thrash metal but plods along with evil intent. "Intent of Man's Heart"speeds up to nearly the walking pace of a live person but these guys do sound like they are living dead due to the dragging pace and the spitting goblin vocals. There's some traditional metal style in the soloing during the album's title track. There are near spoken parts in "Penance Pyre" that add another to the atmosphere deathly doom and once again Sabbat come to mind.

"Cursed Congregation"is close to how My Dying Bride would have sounded on their early albums if they'd added black metal to their doom laden metal tunes rather than death metal. Is this style doomed black metal or blackened doom metal? I'm uncertain but I know I like it much more than straight up black metal.


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