Monday, July 10, 2017

Zaraza - Spasms of Rebirth

Dear Reader

I trust this day finds you well. I have a treasure for you but first you, dear reader, need to answer four questions before you will be eligible to receive this gift.

Do you like doom metal? Do you like wallowing in the pits of sludge? Does the mention of industrial music cause your mouth to froth? Would a combination of the three be of interest to you? If you answered no to any of these questions then stop reading this review right NOW and go and read the emails in your spam folder.

If you answered, yes to all four questions then Canadian and Ecuadorian duo, Zaraza's latest album "Spasm of Rebirth" will be of interest. The duo play a hybrid of sludge, doom and industrial. If band references are important to you then. dear reader, you should think of Godflesh colliding in the underworld with Eyehategod with samples the conjure up a sense of dread.

Now, dear reader, if you're still reading this and we're both still alive as I doubt either of us have much time left in this world then I implore you to get a copy of Zaraza's "Spasms of Rebirth" rather than give me your bank details.

Your sincerely

A near dead blogger

PS Check out this youtube video for their track "Church of Gravity.

PPS: Check out a number of tracks from the album on Zaraza's bandcamp page. "Maskwearer" is a highly recommended track. Oh, yeah. By the way, the physical format of this album will be available from 17 July 2017 until whenever it's not.


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