Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kamikazi - At the Age of Destruction

Kamikazi might have a Japanese sounding band moniker but these punk maniacs hail from Greece. On their bandcamp and in their email Kamikazi describe themselves as a punk/metal/hardcore band and their chosen style is definitely a hybrid of the three with some straight up rock 'n' roll added for good measure.

If you have any desire to sit down in a comfortable chair and just lay back while listening to this EP, you should reconsider and strap yourself in. There's no time to take in the scenery as Kamikazi hit full throttle along the punk 'n'roll highway with "Deathride". You shouldn't find your mind wandering then the metal tinge on "Crooked Path" but if you feel a little under the weather, there's no stopping or winding down the windows for fresh air, so stop your whining. "Cold Black Cells" features metallic guitar solos with a topping of punky shouting with gang choruses.

If Minor Threat had been a punk 'n roll band then they may well have penned tune close to the mark of "Fuck The World" although the metallic chug towards the end of the song would have been avoided but it propels Kamikazi along very nicely indeed.

The band have released 200 tapes of the EP.


Listen to the whole EP on Kamikazi's bandcamp

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