Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Black Helicopter - Everything is Forever

On this four song EP, the circle of life is evident. Boston band Black Helicopter take their sound from 80's indie/college rock. Comparisons to Pavement, Husker Du and Dinosaur Junior will be made by many when they tune into the EP's opener "And I > Drive At Night". There's an undeniable geeky indie rock feel to both "Not Kewl Who"and "Show of Hams". "Not Kewl Who" comes across as a stripped back to the basics and much rawer version of Weezer. The follow-up song "Show of Hams" has a similar sense of fun and also a similar sound to the Violent Femmes. At times the vocals are reminiscent of Gordon Gano. The album's title track closes the album and it's a lengthy instrumental with a quirkiness that doesn't make the track outwear its welcome.

Right now you can listen to the album on bandcamp for free for a limited time so if any of the mentioned bands are of interest you should check out Black Helicopter's latest musical offering below.


Black Helicopter on bandcamp

Black Helicopter on Facebook

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