Monday, July 3, 2017

Sasquatch - Maneuvers

Soundgarden are history as are Kyuss but for those of us who were fans of both banging bands along come Sasquatch(actually they've been bubbling away for a while but they're recently risen to the brim). The opening track to Sasquatch's fifth album, "Rational Woman is pure Kyuss style desert rock fuzz but if that Chris Cornell guy was on vocals. Keith Gibbs vocals are really that close that's an amazing feat. Anyone that says Cornell was unique is proven wrong. Close your eyes and listen to "Destroyer" and there are a number parts where you could swear you were listening to Soundgarden at their peak. There are many moments where the instruments bind together in a similar hypnotic fashion as the first Queens of the Stone Age album.

Bottom line with this album is that you just need to imagine a top notch stoner rock band with Chris Cornell on vocals. This album deserves to be on a lot of end of year lists.


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Check out the opening track "Rational Woman" here.

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