Friday, September 1, 2017

Necromancers -Servants Of The Salem Girl

France's Necromancers appeared out of thin air and are blowing away a number of reviewers with their debut album, "Servant's of the Salem Girl". The band are signed to Ripple Music, who are knowledgeable people in the type of music that Necromancers play. So exactly what type of music do these young French guys play? Their sound is hard rock/heavy metal with a heavy touch of the 70's era. For those looking for band comparisons, the track, Lucifer's Kin had me thinking of Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats and Trouble so think psychedelic Black Sabbath.

Although some will insist it's pure Black Sabbath, "Black Marble House"is reminiscent of the softer side of early Stray and Wishbone Ash due to guitar sound and the harmonies. Check the video out.

Necromancers contains lyrics about voices from the past and takes in NWOBM plus a smidgen of early Danzig style blues/hard rock. There's a doomy side to Grand Orbitor but Necromancers combine the slow paced with chest-beating traditional metal and this elevates the doom and a very strong tune smacks the listener right in the face.

Servants of the Salem Girl is a great debut album and it's very easy to understand why Ripple Music signed them as they fit the sound the label has and the band are clearly high grade songwriters and musicians. If there is a complaint to be found, it's that due to the variety of styles in the six song on the album, it's not clear that Necromancers have stamped their own identifiable identity with their sound. I suspect that it will become easier to identify this band among the herd of soundalike bands in the hard rock/metal/stoner rock genre. Hear this album soon!


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