Saturday, September 2, 2017

Binary Creed - A Battle Won

Sometimes, it takes a while to discover or uncover music just due to the sheer amount available. What I'm trying to get at, is that this isn't debut album and when "A Battle Won" landed on my desk, it was the first time I have heard Swedish ban
d, Binary Creed but I'm sure I can be forgiven since the band formed in 2013 and this album is only their second. Binary Creed sit firmly in the Progressive Power Metal box.

Singer Andreas Stoltz sins in a operatic style that brings Michael Kiske from Helloween to mind. A number of tracks remind me of Helloween but Binary Creed take themselves more seriously lyrically than early Helloween took themselves. There's a touch of Geoff Tate to Stoltz's vocals on "In A Time to Come". The song is slow and allows the vocals to shine but also features a great guitar solo finally fading out with keyboards. The song's follow up "The Fallen King"is a wall of metallic power metal which is propelled along with both strong vocals and a heavy guitar sound with the drummer keeping the beat as the band all move in direction together.

"The Ones to Bleed"is a catchy mid-tempo head nodding rocker. "A Better Man" starts with some rocking out distortion but slows down to power ballad speed. There are moments where Stoltz goes a little Ronnie James Dio but ends up deciding Kiske is more his style. It does suit him but it would have been nice to hear the man and maybe the entire band go full Dio . "These Hands"is reminiscent of Kamelot's style of power metal with a slightly laid back yet still showy approach to the singer's vocal talents.

Binary Creed are clearly great musicians and showcase their talent but they do sound a little too much like other bands rather than having their own distinct sound. However, power and progressive metal fans will lap this album up.


Release Date: September 9 2017

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