Monday, September 4, 2017

The Minerva Conduct - The Minerva Conduct

Record Label: Transcending Obscurity

The Minerva Conduct are hailed as a supergoup in India but most of the members have been in bands those of us from outside that country have never heard of. However your ears might prick up if you're told that the drumming and synth is done by ex-Animals As Leaders member, Navine Koperweis. On their bandcamp page, the band describe their style as atmospheric progressive metal.

"Vile" opens the album with chugging riffing that is heavy as a herd of elephants and slows down for a moment before the train of chug riffs on.

"Dissertation" contains an industrial feel due to the speed and repetition of the drumming at the beginning of the song however as The Minerva Conduct are a progressive band, proceedings change as the band slow down and give way to a quieter more atmospheric sound. "Metanoia" opens with riff festival that would be the envy of many thrash metal bands but as The Minerva Conduct are not a thrash band they let shimmers of post-metal guitar breathe through the speed before completely changing pace whilst going through a musical metamorphosis. "Exultant" is worship music that praises the riff and like all the tracks on the album, The Minerva Conduct choose to show their reverence for metal without using any words although they are interrupted by distorted voices from beyond. There's a little Pink Floyd influence making itself heard in the form of "Unearth".

Some might feel The Minerva Conduct need a vocalist to further stamp their own identity on their sound but really the band have managed that feat without the aid of a vocalist. A weakness maybe that sometimes it is difficult to know when songs start and stop which may lead to confusion in a live situation but is often just part and parcel of progressive metal. A highly enjoyable album.


Release Date: 10 September 2017

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