Sunday, September 3, 2017

Biesy - Noc Lekkich Obyczajów

Record Label: Third Eye Temple

Biesy are a Polish project. They are comprised of PR, who is in charge of the music and lyrics, Stawrogin on vocal duty and MP on drums. Biesy trnslates from Polish to English as fiends.

The opening track is atmospheric death metal in the vein of recent Ulcerate, in that if it weren't for the throaty gasping death metal vocals, it could easily pass for instrumental post-rock. The second track, "W Krew" opens with blast beats and death metal vocals and initially couldn't be msitaken for anything other than death metal. The track later slows down with slightly spoken, near chanting which lends the track a hypnotic edge. The slight whispers at the opening of "Powrotry" are equally hypnotic before shouting over metallic jangle begins. When the shouting stops the sound of the instruments really draw the listener in. Blastbeat fans will wet themselves when they hear the conclusion of "Czern Nas Prosi" whether they enjoy the slow build-up to the end point may be a different story. Lovers of more atmpspheric and ambient music however will love the journey Biesy guides the listener through. Biesy put a black metal twist on the ten minutes plus of "Rzucony W Przesteri" with blast beats and vocals that edge towards black metal rather than death metal at opening and closing points of the track.

Anybody looking for straight out brutal or crushing death metal won't find it in Biesy. However, if you're looking for more creative death metal that draws inspiration from outside the metal genre then Biesy and "Noc Lekkich Obyczajów" are a fantastic starting point.


Release date: 9 September 2017

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