Sunday, October 15, 2017

Firebreather - Firebreather

Label: Suicide Records

If I were to sum up the self-titled release from Swedish trio Firebreather in three words, it would be "High on Fire". There is some serious Matt Pike worship going on. Blatant worship is not necessarily a bad thing. Count the number of albums you own by Black Sabbath, early Metallica and Iron Maiden soundalikes and consider the number of times you reach for them rather than reaching for the original innovators of sound.

The vocals on Firebreather's debut very much imitate the deep throaty yowl of High on Fire's Matt Pike. Due to the High on Fire influence Firebreather have a heavy sludgy sound, which they marry with doom metal. The final song on this album has the same apocalyptical feeling that New Zealand's Beastwars were aiming at and often hitting.

In my book, four songs don't count as an album even if they are Metallica-type length. This is an EP and not an album, despite the fact that it says otherwise in various places.


Release Date: 13 October 2017

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