Monday, October 16, 2017

Dom Zly - Dom Zly

Unquiet Records

Polish band Dom Zly have been together since the Polish autumn of 2016. The band have released a self-titled EP(it's a six song release!). The band's music is described as crust but there is much more at work on this EP than just crust punk.

The first proper song, "Bor" takes in and spits out a black metal influence with a bumblebees from hell guitar tone utilized during the song's faster moments. There's more of a post-metal meets angry crust punk feel when the band slow down mid-song. "Psy" looks towards both Discharge and post-metal.

Somewhere there is a d-beat purist shaking their first at Dom Zly for messing with what was pure. But we'll ignore the unwashed in their heavily studded leather jackets and just accept the fact that "Psy" is a damned good song. There's a sludgy underbelly to "Tramp" , which incorporates post-metal, crust punk and black and even death metal to come up with a glorious noise. The song "Dom Zly" begins as an angry sludgy blast before combining a lighter side with more atmospheric post-metal. The vocalists angry shouts betray the lighter part of the song but eventually he stops for breath and lets the light in for a while, but only to catch his breath to get angry once again. "W Noc" starts off with an ambient style introduction and the departs to a bleaker droning black metal direction where no sun can penetrate.

If you were wondering, Dom Zly roughly translates from Polish to English as “Bad House”. Whether or not they are bad, it's great that this six track release isn't being referred to as an album. Whilst there are only six tracks on this EP, there is definitely a lot to digest in one sitting as the band explore different territories of extreme music.


Release Date: 13 October 2017

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