Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sound Storm - Vertigo

Rockshots Records

The latest album from Italian symphonic metal band Soundstorm opens with a very short instrumental track, titled "Vertigo", which clocks in at 1 minute at 18 seconds. This song feels like it is over way too quickly. The second track, "The Dragonfly" opens with the operatic vocals of Fabio Privitera and chunky full on power metal but the tempo slows down at the mid-point of the song. The church choir style accompanying vocals lend the song a haunting atmosphere.

The choir accompaniment continues at the beginning of "Metamorphosis" although Sound Storm take a much more traditional metal approach even if they do utilize very noticeable keyboards. "Forsaken" opens with keyboards and is a fast moving track that brings both Queensryche and Kamelot to mind. "original Sin" is a bland symphonic metal track. I suspect the sin is sloth as the band have made sin sound really boring. "The Ocean" is thankfully a much more interesting track as it starts slowly and then transforms into a much heavier beast with pounding drums, operatic vocals and some blistering guitar work. The slow beginning to "Spiral" promises heavier music is on the way and the song does indeed get heavier as it proceeds with heavy distorted guitar and the choir adds a contrasting edge but the keyboard outro quietens proceedings and seems somewhat misplaced. Sound Storm get back on track with "Gemini", which starts out with keyboards but heavier guitars take over and the band pick up pace throughout this tune and the vocals go from near black metal style to operatic. The change in tempo and dynamics makes this a stand out track on "Vertigo".

One strong track isn't enough to grab this listener. Soundstorm don't offer much that Kamelot, Epica and Nightwish do a lot better. Now, where is that Alfred Hitchcock DVD?


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Release Date: North America – October 13, 2017 | Europe – December 2, 2016

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