Saturday, January 20, 2018

Master and Dehuman - Decay into Inferior Conditions

Record label: Xenocorp

If you've been into death metal for a long time, then you've surely heard of one of the bands on this dual release and I'm betting that would be death metal underground stalwarts, Master and their core member Paul Speckmann since the band have knocking around since 1983. In comparison, Belgium death metal band, Dehuman are newcomers to the scene having formed in 2006.

Master delivers four songs on this release, which were taken from a soundboard recording of a gig the band played in Helsinki, on October 7, 2016. The band still has an old school death metal sound and there's no mistaking this for a studio performance as the audience are loud and clear. There's a raw bootleg feel to these tracks that will no doubt have ex-tape traders reminiscing of days long gone by.

Dehuman have a similar old school sound and their recordings are live in the studio. The vocals are scooby doo style growls that will have many pinpointing Obituary as a major influence on the overall sound of these Belgians. There's some strong guitar soloing on "Morbid Sun", that wouldn't sound out of place on albums from other metal sub-genres. The drums are punished with an unrelenting brutality that makes it difficult not to pity them.

This is a limited release which insures cult status. "Decay Into Inferior Conditions" is available in 200 copies limited edition "tour souvenir" DigiPak CD and 300 copies limited edition 12" LP+CD first print DigiPak so get on it fast if it sounds like your thing because it's been available since December 2017.


Release Date: 19 December 2017

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