Friday, January 19, 2018

Ozone Mama - Cosmos Calling

Label: Ripple Music

Can you name any Hungarian bands? I sure can't. Here's comes Ozone Mama. Problem solved, I can now name a Hungarian band. What would a Hungarian band signed to Ripple Music sound like? My guess and probably yours was Sabbath tinged stoner rock. We're wrong though. Ozone Mama have a southern rock sound.

From the first full song, "Straight On Till Morning Light", it's loud and clear that Ozone Mama possess strong songwriting skills and are aiming and succeeding at producing rock radio-friendly tunes. The Black Crowes are an easy reference point as Ozone Mama take a very similar stylistic approach. "High Ride" contains a vibe not unlike an Ozzy eighties single, which in a world where Black Sabbath clones are a dime a dozen actually feels like a breath of fresh air , although vocalist Márton Székely resists temptation to go full Oz which works in the band's favour. There's a Stones swagger to "Shout at The Sky" and the vocals go in Led Zeppelin era Robert Plant direction. The title track starts with licks that contain a very swampy southern flavour. If you didn't know you'd likely swear this band was from one of the southern US states. "Freedom Fighters" features some tasty guitar solos from András Gábor and it is a catchy little ditty with the vocals up front in the mix. The catchiness continues with "Cold Light of Day". Those who like stories in their southern rock songs will enjoy, "The Alchemist" which is a laid back yet rocking tune. The early seventies influence is strong in "Moon Pilot" as it is reminiscent of early Bowie, Pink Floyd plus a number of hard rock bands without sounding like a mere copy.

Although this is the third album from Ozone Mama, it was my first time hearing them and they're a band we're all likely to hear more from if they're given the right push. It's very easy to see why Ripple Music has signed this band. This album begs for and deserves rock-radio airplay in a major way.


Release Date: 19 January 2018

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