Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sloppy Seconds - Endless Bummer album

I noticed looking at where my hits are coming from that some people are finding this blog because they're searching for Sloppy Seconds' Endless Bummer album. It would seem you're not going to find it for a little while since Sloppy Seconds sent out this myspace bulletin and I won't be putting it up on this blog.


Date: 26 Jun 2008, 00:29
Subject: Well, then I guess Wal-Mart is out of the question...
Body: Don't get all weirded out, because it's nothing fatal, but...

The contracted pressing plant has refused to press Endless Bummer.

Fortunately, Kid Tested/Go-Kart have already enlisted a new plant to press the discs, and have been guaranteed that we will have them in hand in time for all our upcoming shows. They will also begin shipping to outlets next week. The only real issue is that people who were expecting to pick the disc up at their local CD shop on Tuesday will have to wait a couple more days for the distributors to get the product out to the masses. Kid Tested's online order service is live now, so that would be another option.

There has been no straight answer as to which aspect of the disc was so patently offensive as to derail not one, but three work orders. (To their credit, the labels pulled all their business when the plant's owner played the morality card on us.


Greg Ross and Dave Parasite each have their theories: there's the song about beating your girlfriend into a coma so you can fuck her without all the drama...there's the cover art - is the band being burned at the stake too similar to a crucifixion, or does this guy have a special bond with St. Joan of Arc? There's the lusty ode to High School Girlz. There's the implicit intent to corrupt minor females of Let Me See Your Driver's License - not to mention the explicit intent to corrupt all minors of Kegs R 4 Kids. There's Thanks For The Mammaries, which encourages free-spirited exhibitionist tendencies.

There's also an expletive-laced soundbite or two - let's not forget that this disc starts right out of the gate with me screaming "PLAY THAT PIECE OF SHIT!" Am I starting to belabor the point?

Who cares...You know what? We should actually take pride in this little sideshow. Think about it: Well into the 21st century, when kiddie porn, grisly beheadings, war atrocities and bestiality are all just a mouse-click away, some stupid sonofabitch still believes Endless Bummer by Sloppy Seconds is a threat to the American way of life.



cultureshot66 said...

Hi Chris, if you get ya hands on this i'd like to hear it.
I still love the first 7"s, tho really not sure if they are being ironic or not!
I d/l "more trouble than they're worth" and nothing really grabbed me, still....

Chris said...

Greg, check your email.


PS. Gareth Shute's book NZ Rock 1987-2007 is good and gives Ima-Hitt records a page and a half.

adicts714 said...

This is such a great blog. I'm dying to hear the new Sloppy Seconds album. Thanks for all the great music.

Anonymous said...

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