Friday, September 26, 2008

Number Girl - Sappukei

I picked this album up in Taiwan from the sale bin due to my thinking that all Japanese bands relegated to the sales bin would either be punk, hardcore or metal. My foolish thinking gets you a Pixies sounding album although on another album gave their whole two influences away in a song entitled Pixie Dü.
Number Girl must have had their reasons for choosing the Pixies over Husker Dü.

Commit Sappekei


Anonymous said...

"Seppukei" is wrong, this album's correct title is "SAPPUKEI".

Chris said...

You're right. Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

Number Girl is one of those bands where it depends on the album, which they have quite a few of I gather. I bought one not even knowing it was a number girl album because Iggy Pop is name dropped in a song title. Turns out the album was nothing special. A few years on I keep hearing about Number Girl and how they sound like the Pixies and then digging through my collection I find I actually own one of their discs. Point being it depends on the record. and I'm drunk, sorry.

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