Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Short and sweet re-hashes

A couple of re-ups due to a reader request. There's no point rehashing what I've all ready written. You're smart. You know both how to use a search engine and how to search a blog.

Semi lemon kola - Before Heaven EP

Shihad - Empire rehearsal + demo


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Shihad demos :) I didn't get to know their music until the fish album era. I don't like their most recent albums but I still love the fish album and The General Electric - I'll be interested to hear this early stuff!

Thanks from a Wellingtonian.

Chris said...

Hi to A Wellingtonian

You'll find this is heavier than those albums. If you come back let us know what you thought.

High Priestess - High Priestess

Record Label: Ripple Music High Priestess are a recently new Los Angeles trio who play heavy psychedelic music. The band was formed...