Sunday, February 8, 2009

Re-up month continues

Yes, I know I'm repeating myself but I said more last time.

Another New York punk band that absolutely rocks. This four piece band is female fronted and once again I don't know too much about them but a google search reveals they have at least two albums and a song on the Mallrats soundtrack. The music is punk and there are shades of the punker Blondie and I'm also reminded of both Throwing Muses(particularly on the last song I am Legend) and Transvision Vamp at times.
Third song The Day I Met Iggy is classic punk rawk with its catchy chorus and autobiographical lyrics about not impressing Mr Pop.

Get it.


jeffen said...

Thanks for re-upping this.

Bottom line, blogs repeat themselves, it just fits with the format.

Anonymous said...

Check out their other album "Lucky". it rocks!

Ploni said...

תודה רבה

Anonymous said...

All the songs on the second album Lucky were written by Pete MCclanahan of Warror Soul fame.

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