Friday, December 24, 2010

Stupid end of the year list

Five people I'd like to see and hear less of next year

1) John Campbell - You're a journalist. Drinking champagne with people who starred in a TV series you had a bit role in is networking at its most embarrassing.

2) Mark Sainsbury - Also embarrasing for similar reason. The sooner the NZ TV networks realize these presenters are a waste of space the better.

3) Gordon Ramsey - so you can swear and you can cook. A labourer in the tropics can do both much better. Your head would be a perfect fit in a show about microwave cooking. Hannibal Lecter would be the ideal presenter.

4) Sports Presenters - Just go away - your throwaway comments are unneccessary. Prime news has it right as one presenter and half an hour for news is all that is needed.

5) A tie between Sonny Bill Williams and Rhys Darby. Stick to your day jobs and let the Briscoes lady do more advertising work.

Good TV Shows

1) Outrageous Fortune- NZ comedy drama
2) The Middle - good family comedy
3) 7 Days - Proof NZ TV comedy shows work if the comedians can only saw a few lines at a time.
4) Thank God, You're here (please put this aussie show on a primetime TV spot).
5) Who wants to be a Millionaire? - The fun is in not only guessing the answers but also guessing how Chris Tarrant will touch the women.

Five good movies of the year

Animal Kingdom
My name is Khan

Best NZ sporting moments

Wellington Phoenix getting into the A-league play-offs and selling out Westpac Stadium. Who would have thought two soccer games in six months would sell out in a nation where rugby is given the biggest push?

Shane Smeltz's goal against Italy. Mainstream media will say it's Winston Reid's goal that made NZ appear that they deserved to be in the football world cup but overlook that the team beat Serbia in the lead up and that Smeltz's goal around the six minute mark in this game that took the lead and meant they were potential giant killers.

New Zealand winning the gold medal in the netball in the commonwealth games. The game was good to watch and the celebration of the win even better. Shame about the size of local crowds at most event.

The Kiwis showing that they were capable of beating the Kangaroos on their home turf and proving that winning the rugby league world cup wasn't a fluke of nature.

In Rugby the All Blacks are always expected to win and at the end of the year often did so.

Music releases

Sorry, can't do just five.

1) Devo - Something for Everybody
2) Teenage Fanclub - Shadows
3) The Dissociates - Waiting for the Backlash EP
4) Demontage - The Principal Extinction
5) Sigh - Scenes from Hell
6) Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel
7) Autistic Youth - Idle Minds
8) Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent
9) Pasadena Napalm Division EP
10) Off! - First four EP's

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