Monday, March 5, 2012

Absolute Monarchs "1"

Absolute Monarchs “1” -2012  
(Good to die)

 If I had to sum up the music of Absolute Monarchs on “1” in a single word it would be noisy but the use of a solitary word is no good so I’ll go for four words and go thick on the adjectives.  Absolute Monarch’s sound is blisteringly heavy indie pop but really that doesn’t do the band justice or describe their music really as it could be a lot of bands and cover a broad spectrum of music.  The standard reviewer’s crutch of describing one band’s music to a number of bands always comes in handy.    Using this technique for Absolute Monarchs leads down the path of describing them as The Pixies and Fugazi colliding on a trampoline after drinking a dozen energy drinks whilst covered by a slight umbrella of Helmet.

The band definitely have a pop sensibility but expertly mess it up by letting small doses of their noisy side shimmer with bursts of distorted guitar and yelled vocals on the opening track “Attack”.  The melodic “To Hell, Lets Masquarade” is one of the band’s more accessible songs and will cause pant wetting in Pixies fans.  “Bad Taste” has sandpaper rough vocals and it’s the absolute hook-laden melodic wall of sound that pulls the listener in.  The rhythm section blusters relentlessly in “Killing The Old”.  “Sharp” sounds like Fugazi.  As does “Hide it Well” but there’s also crushingly heavier side to it that brings Helmet to mind.

This is an impressive debut album. I imagine that live these guys and girls transform their onlookers into
a monolithic writhing beast.  Oh yeah, some guy called This album is coming out in April in both vinyl and CD so whatever you’re format you’re into it may pay to buy two copies as one is likely to wear out.


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